Emerging Leader Series for Women

Linda and Alison Orlans, as part of eTitle, are proud to sponsor the Emerging Leaders Series for women which kicked off on Tuesday, April 1, 2014 at the eTitle building in Troy. The series, also hosted by eAMC, is an 8 monthly session series, presented by Camille Jayne, designed to help a select group of women improve their professional lives. Hosting 75 women from a variety of local firms and corporate organizations, the goal of this series is to help these women achieve new levels of leadership, while remaining authentic to themselves.


Many advances have been made in the business world, much for the better. Progress for women is another thing. Today women make up 47% of the US labor work force, earn the majority of Bachelors and Masters Degrees, yet of the 850 Board seats in Michigan only 11.5% are held by women and only 12.6% of the executives are women. In spite of these disappointing statistics, if we are to be successful as business leaders, and if our country will continue to be strong, we need the best from everyone, including women.

If change is going to happen it has to start somewhere. As a woman business owner Linda has learned that no one makes it alone. Hard work is required for sure, but it has been the help and support of others that have made the difference.

Thank you to everyone who attended the first session of the Emerging Leaders Series and we look forward to seeing you again for the next session in May.


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